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United States

Hey! I draw ponies. I am really slow when it comes to commissions and I usually don't reply to messages and sometimes I forget things. Sorry!

FlightRising: sararini (#133520)

Requests: Closed
Commissions: Closed
Art Trades: Depends, ask me*
Customs: Closed

*If you want to do an art trade, just note me with the character you'd want, what you'd want the character to do doing, and examples of your art. Tempt me. ;P I'm more likely to say yes to an art trade (or anything for that matter) if I know what will be expected of me before I make any promises. If I think I feel confident that I can handle it, I'll accept.

To-Do List

  1. Fullbody of Heartley for hathound [art trade](sketch done)
  2. Finny for sheeppiss [ych]
  3. Alfa for TuncHawk [adopt payment]
Personal things:
  1. Use my two purchased MYO plant pony slots
  2. Make the Gemfurr ref sheet so we can get this show on the road please
  3. STUDY STUDY STUDY. Poses, expressions, wings and backgrounds.
Species I Have Rights To

Obligatory Stamp Collection

Just here to fill up some space. Feel free to talk to me about any interests we share! I'm pretty much behind on every show though. I've got a lot of catching up to do...
Animorphs stamp by chili19OITNB Stamp by GshepHarry Potter Love Stamp by smileystampsSupernatural stamp by kshapiroDoctor Who Stamp by Oatzyamerican horror story stamp 3 by gothicmermaid13Once Upon a Time Title Stamp by seremela05Steven Universe Stamp by The-Devious-WolfAdventure Time Stamp by Murder--Machine
SPN - Crowley stamp by nezukuroCrowley Stamp - Test by LaJollyRegina OUAT | Stamp by lillullabyblueHook Stamp (Once upon a time...) by ThummerNight:thumb471747988:Hufflepuff Stamp by smileystampsWind Flight Stamp by TytoquetraGay Rights Stamp by StampMakerLKJSlow interwebz by prosaixBad handwriting -Stamp- by xxkeikochanxx


gaahhh once again going to my boyfriend's parents' house, probably until tuesday or wednesday.
Hey, if any of you play any of the Halo games online, you should add me :D My xbox gamer tag is sararini on there as well. I'm playing halo 4 right now.
Almost fell for a scammer ahhh, I'm getting rusty, but man my instincts are awesome, whether it's a sneaky boyfriend or a dishonest deviant my instincts are, as the kids say, "on point"  Wink/Razz 

So in related news, still looking for someone to trade me $13 for 1,300 :points:
Anyone wanna swap $13 for 1,300 :points:? Trying to buy a new backpack, I've been using my sister's but it's honestly falling apart, after being used to carry groceries so many times it's coming undone at the seams. :P
I need a new method for coloring my art, I don't like how I do it right now. I finally got some consistency with my art but I'm not happy with it haha xD;; I just finished a sketch of Cerulean Prelude's older brother, (once again doing my drawing for the week on the last day ahhh) but I'm putting off coloring it because I don't want it to turn out like all my other drawings. I just don't know how to change my method,which is stupid, because it should be easy. ;n;
ahhh once again unexpectedly going to my boyfriend's parents house, I'll be back tomorrow or Tuesday.
so tired, so scarily weak ;n; I've finished part of the sketch for a commission so at least I've got something done today but for now I'm gonna rest.
Man the flu is really going around bad in Forks right now, first my little sister had it, then my mom had it. Maybe a week passed, and then suddenly I got two days later my boyfriend has it, and I think I'm starting to get it again and my mom thinks she's getting it again too. Aaaah. We're probably all just gonna keep passing it back and forth. 
I'm considering starting a semi-secret collection of pics of my boyfriend sleeping, just to weird him out haha
Aw dang, I forgot I lost my premium membership, so I can't make actual polls, I'll just do it this way then I guess: Is it ever okay for someone to slap their partner? Just interested in hearing the discussion for this.
Okay, let me rephrase that, trade me $22 for 2,200 :points: and a free sketch portrait, colored or not, your choice. :P
Anyone wanna trade $22 for 2200 :points:? plz
Anyone wanna trade $22 for 2200 :points:? plz
Oooh, I am really liking how this next commission is turning out..I'm trying something new with the hair and I think it looks good. :D Unfortunately I'm really struggling to outline her face but oh well I'll get it eventually
I just discovered bass boosted songs are a thing. my ears are very happy right now.
(and of course the first one I listen to is Hakuna Matata no I will never grow up)
Going to my boyfriend's parents house for the weekend again aahhhh sorry I had short notice but I'll reply to stuff when I get back, which will be either Sunday or Monday.
Man, looking back through my sketchbook from 2015 is so weird...I wasn't nearly as bad as I thought I was.
Hmm, dunno what to do...Got an offer from a (sort of) friend, he was to trade an xbox one for my little Dell laptop. I'm not sure if I wanna trade. The reason I wanted this Dell is for traveling, especially so I could draw while away from home. It's much smaller than my main laptop. But I really don't need it, since my Asus randomly started working again after three years of collecting dust in the closet. I can't use it right now anyway because the screen was somehow broken the day after my boyfriend gave it to me (cursed I tell you!!! cursed!!) but that also means I can't trade it until I pay to get the screen fixed, and I don't know when I'll have the money to do that. It'll be $36-$40 for the screen, and if I get the computer repair guy in my town to fix it he'll charge an additional $20 for labor. So tldr: got an offer to trade my small laptop for an xbox one, kinda wanna take the trade but doesn't matter because I can't pay to have the screen fixed on it. What do.
Can't figure out how to post a poll from the mobile app :'D


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